Can’t stop watching Freerunning or Parkour on Youtube? Can’t find a place to train in your area? Fear not because the Academy has arrived, with training for any level to become the tracuer!


Obsessed with Ninja Warrior or OCR? Doesn’t Matter what level, come in a train and not just learn but understand how to move through your obstacles more efficiently at any level. The fun and learning awaits!


Ever hear the inner calling to be a warrior? Do you watch martial art movies, or stand in front of the tv wanting to be a warrior? The academy will forge you into being that warrior, with a complete system from the ground up (literally) come in and take a class so you can understand what it means…

Daniel Lopez
American Ninja Warrior Veteran Season 4 & 5
Acro Instructor for 10+ Years.
(Acro Coach for SYTYCD Winner Gaby Diaz)
Former Elite Power-Tumbler
Trained with Byung Ho Choi for 15+ Years in TKD, Judo, Hapkido
Wing Chung With Sifu Smith
Shaolin Temple Trainee
Owner/Master Instructor
Daniel Lopez
Coach Dee
Coach has been breakdancing his whole life. His love for this sport has inspired him to want to share it with others. We now have Coach Dee here coaching Ninja warrior and breakdancing classes.
Breakdancing/Ninja Instructor
Coach Dee
Owner/Master InstructorDaniel LopezBreakdancing/Ninja InstructorCoach Dee



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